Travelers Roundtable
CitySlips gives you a fancy-dress option when you're traveling light.

CitySlips gives you a fancy-dress option when you’re traveling light.

My wife and I travel light. No more than one bag each, no matter the length of the trip. Having one carry-on bag each means that we’re fast and mobile, and we can scoot out of airports without waiting around the luggage carousel– and with no risk of the airline losing our bags. This typically used to mean taking only a single pair of shoes per person. And for my wife, that almost always meant taking the practical pair with her and leaving the girly evening shoes at home. That’s why she loves CitySlips. These ballet slippers fold up in a snap and take up no room in your suitcase, are as comfortable as bedroom slippers– so I’m told– and give my wife a fancy-dress option for evenings out after a day or hiking or walking tours. And the price is right.

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Robert Bundy

Robert Bundy

Robert Bundy has visited more than 300 cities and 32 countries in the last ten years and still gets a charge out of getting his passport stamped. He convenes The Travelers' Roundtable is part of Lake Effect with host Mitch Teich for WUWM 89.7 Public Radio Milwaukee.