Travelers Roundtable

Author: Martin Newell

  It’s not in the trendy tourist brochures, it’s not in a Royal County, and there are no castles, stately homes or dead rock stars buried here. If you want the Last of England, though, with its tinkle of teaspoons on the morning air, perhaps you’d consider Frinton-on-Sea.

Martin Newell is a writer, broadcaster and musician. After twenty years in rock bands, he became a pop poet in 1990. First published in The Guardian in 1984, he later wrote regularly for The Independent titles for 15 years, before taking up his current post as resident poet for The Sunday Express and Saturday columnist for the East Anglian Daily Times. In 2010 he won the Columnist of the Year prize at the EDF Eastern Media Awards. He has previously published a dozen collections of verse, two social histories  and one[…]